Gingko is a design-led, technology-centred and people driven company.   PAUL AND NATALIE


The company was founded in Oxford, England in 2011 by Paul Sun and his wife Natalie Sun with the objective of creating high-end, yet stylish and practical products for home and design-led gifts. 


We bring a fresh approach to design incorporating modern technology into everyday objects. Sometimes life can be complicated and technology too intrusive. Therefore by keeping our product lines simple yet engaging and keeping our products up to date with technology, as well as being aesthetically pleasing and sustainable has kept us driven and inspired. 


Design, Quality & Time are our design ethos when every Gingko object is born. We give every item an ultimate stylish look in a minimalist design, craft it with our passion and love in our best standard of quality by using natural sustainable material as much as possible, create it to last as time goes by and to meet the business's philosophy of being sustainable and responsible for our environment. 

We’re currently based in Kenilworth, Warwickshire in the middle of England, which is just about 10 minutes away from Warwick Castle / Birmingham NEC and 2 hours drive from London city centre. We strongly believe that a united growth with our beloved customers is a better growth and we thrive on seeking and creating the out of the ordinary for our global business partners and customers, which enforces the foundation of our ethos, escape the boring: design for better and smarter life.